What is Rise of the Underdogs?

Rise of the Underdogs pits 2 players against each other in a narrative adventure with consequences that roll over from one adventure to the next. One player will take control of the heroic Underdogs and the other will control the overwhelming Pack.

Playing actions and making difficult decisions is only the beginning. Which cards to purchase from your reserve, second guessing your opponent on initiative and which characters to target are just some of the features of this fast paced and tactical game where either side can grab victory right up until the last moment!

Heroes Rise from the Ashes

“Right now, I’m willing to accept the system has failed us. I’m willing to accept that your way might be the only way to get things back to normal.”
 – Sebastian Fox, First Time Meeting The Underdogs

In every game of The Rise of the Underdogs, you take control of either the heroic Underdogs or the merciless Pack, preparing your decks and bidding for initiative in what may be a vital round. Each Underdog character has a distinct identity for your play, while the Pack utilises its minions to support its harder hitting Elite troops and gradually meeting the boss figureheads.

A Character like Mana, for example, is good at everything but lacks abilities other Underdogs have.  On the other side, The Pack have plenty of throw-away troops and when working in unity can be a force to be reckoned with.

Characters with a Lot of Choices

The Underdog characters have three sets of symbols each meaning their character can have a vast array of actions to choose from on their turn. Amber for Example can pick up various cards throughout a game and increase her life points, frequency of play and options to throwdown on your turn.

Its not all bad

Likewise, The Pack controller has options to bring in the same symbols as The Underdogs but each symbol is represented by its own character. This means The Pack can spread across the board more easily and control who activates more often as well as who to leave in reserve. The Pack benefits from a very flexible deck making them a different challenge to use in every game.

The Bigger your Deck…

Like all deck building games, having a really big pile of cards often plays against you. The reason is obvious and it is frequency of cards appearing when you need them most. Of course, playing a wild game with a lot of options can be interesting and fun too but for optimal play there is a balance to be found between too many and too few cards.

Rise of The Underdogs comes with a lot of cards and quickly getting a handle on pros and cons of each card with each character  is advisable.

How to Play – The Basics

The Underdogs is broken down into 3 simple phases:

1. Draw Cards
2. Initiative/Bidding
3. Play actions

Once these phases are complete, check the and see if the victory conditions for one side are met, if not, repeat this process until there is a victor.

Let’s look at these phases in a bit more detail.

  1. Drawing Cards.
    Both players draw 4 cards from their deck. If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard pile to form a new deck
  2.  Initiative/Bidding.
    Simultaneously both players will secretly choose a card as their initiative bid card. When you are both ready, reveal. The person with the higher number will go first. Interestingly, going first is not always a good thing as the second player will get a better feel of the action and there will be no surprises to come that round.
  3. Play actions.
    Starting with the first player, play all your actions from your remaining cards. These actions vary from moving, to attacking to special  moves.

Phase 1 – Draw 4 cards

Phase 2 – Discard 1 card using its numbered initiative value.

Phase 2 – Play out your turn using the remaining cards actions.

 The Campaign

“The Underdogs have trained long enough”

Rise of the Underdogs is meant to be experienced as one narrative with each player picking a side and staying with them until the end of the adventure book.  An adventure takes between 30mins to 60mins to play. An engaging story, high quality artwork and a reward system make The Underdogs a unique yet familiar experience.

At the end of every adventure the winner will read out how the next adventure progresses. These small subtle rewards can swing the game in the end however and many surprises wait in store with The Pack gaining bigger and stronger allies while the Underdogs unlock better and stronger abilities.

Once you are finished the campaign, why not switch sides? Its very easy to think that your opponent always has the upper hand but when the shoe is on the other foot, its not so easy!

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30 mins

2 players

Age 14+

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