Working with a gent called Brad in Australia over the last couple months has been enlightening and motivating. The more we pushed the Underdogs game around the more I realised honestly that the current form of the Underdogs cannot happen due to production, event details and just how grand every mission has become. I’ve essentially called a timeout, knowing that the current version is just massive and frankly, impossible. It felt like a game I’d play for sure, but other people? I’m not so sure. It was a real hard sell and stopping it was no easy feat.

Speaking to Brad about it, we had a plan to just adapt the game to something else. Something with a streamlined goal, mainly aiming at production and a low cost to it.

I was keen to get started so jumped in with the idea of One Deck Dungeon but with story elements and a large upgrade system. This looks like an interesting experiment at the very least and costs should now be minimum.



The Underdogs Story
The Underdogs