What is it?

A card collecting game building the supreme theme park with the most points.

What do you get?

Unfair comes with a stack of cards, the game board and a lot of pieces.

How does it work?

The game is played over 8 rounds, using money from ticket stubs; you gradually buy better attractions, which in turn will bring in higher attendances.

Special ability cards allow you to hinder your opponent’s progress or boost your own. Almost every attraction has special rules that will alter your park and allow for flexible rules. Card types throughout make it obvious as to limits and effects going on too.

Is it any good?

Unfair is a pretty casual game. So much so that my one demo game of it was with some hard-core gamers and we didn’t finish it because it wasn’t quite deep enough for the group. This isn’t really a slight at the game as it was bad timing with the wrong crown more than poor mechanics. I imagine my wife would quite enjoy it as it has some pretty hard core aggressive measures to nerf your opponent.

I quite liked this as it means no one can really run away if they are in the lead. It’s all open play except for your hand which often contains some dirty tricks. The game length is pretty fixed too as the 8 rounds doesn’t feel too long. I’m actually a little intrigued with what the expansions will bring to it as the core game is quite tight. I’d hope it adds an extra phase or another layer of complexity to the game.


I’m just happy this isn’t real life. Imagine when you started doing alright and suddenly everything is shut down because your competitor pulls a bad move on you! Ha, it sort of annoys me to think about it but that’s also the reality of Unfair, it’s annoying when people do stuff to you and grudges really do hold in this game.

What it gets big points for in my books is its ability to make conversation between the players. There is no way you can be quiet throughout when things go south.

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