This may be one of the most self-indulgent posts I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing so I’ll keep it short.

When it comes to graphic design, those in the game know that your first draft probably is not the end creation. I’ve been doing artwork all my life and having multiple projects on the go I understand first hand that as much as you may love your creation, it is likely to change. Especially if this is the first draft of a project and there isnt anything previous. Just keeping in theme and evolving the current artwork is one thing, but developing an entire IP is another.

Previously I discussed various versions of the Underdogs too. This world really started off as modern life but with animals and that has now evolved to a more unstable 19th/20th century. The idea of brick and mortar buildings is there, but towns are a bit of a human habitat so staying away from them has felt pretty key.

One issue I’ve encountered over 3 years of development is my own personal skill level increasing too. I’ve developed so many techniques to make myself better that when I look at old pieces I feel like I need to brush up and improve them as seen in my example below.

The cards have gone through slight transitions too but where they are now is very fitting. I imagine people that don’t really pay much attention to smaller details this may come as a surprise but there is a lot of pride in the finished product looking right.

Its ready...ish