Hey hey, long time no… video or write-y.

Sorry guys, genuinely we’ll be back when we know what we want to do. You see, thats just it, we’re not sure what we want to do.
At the heart of it, we loved doing the Batman and Imperial Assault (and Armada) indepth playthrough and reviews.

The Overviews was always secondary to that which is fine but we noticed a trend that they became the norm, and well, they are not exciting enough or unique enough for us to really justify doing them in video format. We’re currently talking about doing writeups for various games instead and honestly, it makes sense. Doing the videos is a lot of effort on all counts when we could just plug an essay up about games and review them that way. I’m sure no one would really miss that segment of Flashback Generations anyway.

So, we finished the top GW computer games which was something Sai wanted to do since about 1995. We’re proud of that whole saga and its nice to think it can be revisited in the future filling the gaps with various newer games.

So, the future of Flashback. Where does that put us going forward?

We actually want to continue doing the silly battle reports. Even if they are not killer content, there is a reflection in live gaming (ooo theres an idea) that lives in every battle report. Of course, these can be really dull if done badly but we hope our editing and personalities get us through.

We loved toying with the idea of how to play videos too but the net seems stuffed with them. Perhaps we can plug them in here and there for games that we feel have been overlooked.

The next big thing, thats what its all about. But we dont know what game system that is yet. Its a shame we’re not always at events and out there to be the best at x system or we could just talk about that. So, I guess we’re in limbo there.

So many side projects on the go now too. But thats a conversation for another day.

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